Policy Book




Brain InfoTech


Pleasant Inc.


1.   H.R. Policies

1.1.        The standard festive holidays shall be decided by the company and based on that the holidays shall be given.

1.2.        The new employees joining at any post shall be on probation period for minimum 3 months.

1.3.        The employee shall inform his senior about his reasons & intention to leave the organization before one month, with written notice or else his accounts might not get cleared/settled.

1.4.        The employees shall leave the company after proper handing over the documents, tasks, projects to the successor as per his senior's instruction.

1.5.        The final clearance shall be obtained from all the concerned on prescribed form.

1.6.        In absence of final clearance no payment shall be made to employee.

1.7.        The employees leaving the company without one month prior notice are not entitled for their pending salary and any pending reimbursements.

1.8.        If the company founds any employee's performance not as per the minimum expectation then the company is authorized for reliving him from the job and that too without any notice.

1.9.        Company can fire any employee due to his unsatisfactory work or undisciplined timings, these procedure will not be liable for any prior notice to employee/s.

1.10.      No appointment letters shall be issued to any employee.

1.11.      The employee's leaving the organization before 1 year shall not be issued the related documents. (Salary/Experience Certificate)

1.12.      The person coming late by more than 15 minutes. and that too without any prior intimation then he/she shall be penalized by deducting his half day salary.

1.13.      The person going early by more than half an hour and that too without prior intimation then he/she shall be penalized by deducting his half day salary.


2.   Salary & Wages.

2.1.        The salary will be calculated on actual working day basis system.

2.2.        The salary will be handed over until 7th of every month for the employees having maturity more than 6 months in the company. And employee's having, less than 6 months maturity shall be handed over the salary on 16th of every month.

2.3.        The salary deposit condition shall be applicable in any case either it is self departed or company departs the employee.


3.   General Discipline Policy

3.1.        The consumption of any kind of cigarettes, Cigars, Bidis, Pan, Gutkha, Chewing Tobacco, Masala, and Alcohol in the office premises is strictly prohibited.

3.2.        The playing and carrying Walkman and/or radio in office premises is not allowed in office premises.

3.3.        The dustbin shall be used in all places for waste papers etc.

3.4.        Maintain silence environment in office.

3.5.        All employees/teammates are responsible for their working desk space's liabilities

3.6.        General office time shall be 10:00 am to 19:30 pm.

3.7.        No employee is allowed to carry his personal laptop, cd, USB drives etc. in the office.

3.8.        In case of excess talk time on personal mobile, the mobile shall he handed over to his NHA, while entering the office and collected back while leaving (day-out time) the office.


4.   Loan Policy

4.1.        The company shall not pay any loans or advance to any employee, what so ever the conditions may be. Nor the incentives/commissions shall be handed over well in advance or before the applicable date.


5.   Project Management Policy

5.1.        The projects shall be managed by the "Top management" and all the team shall be liable for working as per their guidelines.

5.2.        The developer have to maintain their daily log in excel sheet provided by the company and it should be updated on daily basis. Lunch timings and other out going timings should also be jotted in the report.

5.3.        If the daily reporting are not been updated since last 7 days then the employee shall be penalized by deducting a half day salary.

5.4.        No source code shall be copied by any of the team members, what so ever the code may be.

5.5.        Any username and passwords shall not be shared by the team members with any other person.

5.6.        Certain standardization of the working pattern shall be followed by the team members.

5.7.        Project Incentive/Commission system shall be decided by the top management and shall be purely favorable as per their decisions, no employee shall be allowed for any type of interference in other team members incentive/commission system.


6.   Leave Policy

6.1.        If any employee wants to take a leave then he/she has to fill & submit the Leave Request Form for authorization to his/her Next Higher Authority (N.H.A.) before 2 days.

6.2.        If the N.H.A grants the leave then only the employee can take the leave and in case he does not obey then he shall be penalized by deducting double leaves.

6.3.        In case any employee is in need of emergency leave then he/she should inform to his/her N.H.A. on phone. In such case his N.H.A shall fill the Leave Request Form on behalf of the team member.

6.4.        If in case employees are not following the above Leave Request Policy than they will be penalized with deduction of double salary. (Absenteeism Salary * 2)

6.5.        If in case the company needs any employee to work on holiday and/or week offs then they are bounded for the same.

6.6.        The employees working on declared holiday and/or week offs shall be remunerated in monitory term (per day additional salary) and not with additional leave against attending the holiday and/or week offs.

6.7.        No employees are allowed to work on declared holidays and/or week offs without the prior authorization and submission of Additional Remuneration Slip to his/her N.H.A.

6.8.        The employee can be departed if his extra holidays average increases more than 2 days per month.

6.9.        No leave shall be given for more then 7 days, except his/her own marriage, major medical problem or family dismissal problems.


7.   Security Policy

7.1.        No employee is allowed to use mobile internet in the office.

7.2.        Office internet should not be used for personal surfing or email checking.

7.3.        No files shall be uploaded or downloaded by any of the employees.

7.4.        The source code is sole property of Brain Infotech and any employee is not liable to take it away. In case any one founded doing so, then, the company shall take legal actions against him/her.

7.5.        Our client's source code's security and their data's security shall also be maintained by the employee and the above condition (7.4) shall be applied for the same.

7.6.        Company's data shall not be disclosed to any other team members or any outsiders.

7.7.        Direct communication with client shall not be allowed, without prior permission or intimation.